Our Range of Workshops (2016)

Wealth of Mind offers a number to workshops to help you change your life for the better.


How To Be Awesome

Learn how the mind works and how you can use this knowledge for a better life.

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Confidence in Any Situation

Maximise confidence with three great processes you can apply to any situation.

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Values and How to Elicit Them

Learn your own values in a desired context plus how to find out the values of others.

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How to Set Goals Effectively

Learn a seven step process for setting goals so you can achieve what you want.

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Build Motivation in Yourself & Others

Learn about motivation styles. Learn processes to build strong motivation for action.

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Build Resilience and Happiness

Strategies for building resilience and happiness. Activating relaxation in your body.

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Activate Feelings You Want at Will

Learn to activate confidence, relaxation and resourceful states whenever you choose.

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Build Rapport Quickly and Easily

Learn and practice great techniques to build rapport with others quickly and easily.

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Understanding Personality

20 questions so you can understand what makes people tick in less than 10 minutes.

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Create Solutions from Problems

Learn how the mind works so you can transform problems and create solutions.

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Other Workshops (Can Be Run On Request):


Confidence in Social Situations

Change your mindset and learn specific skills for confidence in social situations.

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Confidence in Public Speaking

Gain confidence in public speaking by maximising mindset and body position.

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Overcoming Anxiety in Your Life

Change what’s happening in your mind. Prevent and effectively manage anxiety.

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Wealth of Mind

Wealth of Mind is here to offer you solutions. Whether you’re wanting one-on-one sessions to help you overcome problems or a way to increase your success, happiness or achievement in your personal life or career, Wealth of Mind is here to help. Wealth of Mind also offers workshops, courses and online training courses to give you multiple ways you can improve your life.


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